Crossy Man

Pac-Man turns 35 this year, and Pac Man 256 will be out this summer to celebrate. Bandai Namco partnered with the creators of the successful and (insanely profitable) Crossy Road to create what looks like a great spin on the classic, and a nod to the experts that conquered the original game. Out this summer for mobile devices Рshowing how central a part mobile plays in the modern game industry. Trailer below: Gaming can be an strategy to engage fans andRead more

Estimote Stickers

Just received our pre-order Estimote Stickers. Big improvements from the originals: they’re much smaller, now have temperature and motion sensors, and are more robust from a security perspective. We’ll be playing with them more soon, and we’ll share what we’ve done. We’re big fans of beacons and proximity and location-aware services – you can see our previous work and thoughts on this on our blog.Read more