Our Apple Watch Project + Make

We like the new things. When the Apple Watch was announced, we wanted to explore how to connect it with the physical world around us. We hacked our security system and used the Watch to open our doors. We liked what we did, and when we reached out to Make, they did too – we’ll be featured online¬†soon. We’re huge fans, and couldn’t be more excited to have this awesome connection with like-minded Makers. You can check out our thoughtsRead more

Estimote Stickers

Just received our pre-order Estimote Stickers. Big improvements from the originals: they’re much smaller, now have temperature and motion sensors, and are more robust from a security perspective. We’ll be playing with them more soon, and we’ll share what we’ve done. We’re big fans of beacons and proximity and location-aware services – you can see our previous work and thoughts on this on our blog.Read more