Forward-looking brands are experimenting in Snapchat today

We’ve had a lot of internal conversations about Snapchat lately, especially as we start building out programs for clients. But Snapchat isn’t proven. It’s new and is the definition of an emerging channel. Why should a brand start peeling off resources for test-and-learn programs in Snapchat today? Snapchat is the 2015 version of “Join the Conversation” and “Be Present Where Your Audience is Engaging” — the same reasons brands started experimenting in social media six to seven years ago withRead more

Game of Thrones: Record Breaking Demand + Piracy

Games of Thrones Season 5 has wrapped and the numbers are in. It was a record-breaker in many ways. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any spoilers: the entire internet has done that already. GoT has become HBO’s most popular show ever, last year surpassing the Sopranos. It’s clear that demand for this show is high, with 8.1 million people tuning in on June 14 for the finale. In addition to the legal HBO subscribers, the show was illegally downloaded over 1.5 millionRead more

The Google and Twitter Partnership: It Begins

Early last week Google started to roll out tweets at the top of search results on mobile. As of right now, the partnership is in its infancy as we’ve only seen things like major news stories and awards shows populate in our search results. Although we have only seen a preview of this new partnership this could be the beginning of a game changing alliance between these two tech giants. So what does it mean? There are still a lotRead more