NYT’s Google Cardboard experience is another step forward for “My First VR”

The New York Times is sending out a million Google Cardboards to go with its upcoming VR films. It’s an exciting time to think about the adoption curve of cheap and easy mainstream virtual reality. In order for VR to mainstream, it must be accessible and affordable. That means $350 Oculus headsets that need a $2000 computer to run aren’t realistic for Joe Blow Public. And the Halolens developer kits are going to cost $3,000. This is why I’m soRead more

The Use Case for Smartwatches

I recently gave a presentation on wearables at a private event in NYC, and it was a good time to reflect on where we’re at. Android Wear On the Google side of things, the Android Wear smartwatches have been out for a bit over a year, and we’ve seen most of the larger Google Android phone makers launch watches on this platform. Most of the watches are functionally very similar, and differentiate based on form-factor, or how they look andRead more