Live coding music at space150 this week

One of the newest electronic music sub-genres is called Live Coded Audio, where composers make music using algorithms. It’s live, improvised, electronic music created using programming languages in real time. Live coders often project their code onto a large screen for the audience to see, allowing for a very transparent performance. No cut/paste allowed!

This form of music started with a small group in the UK and is just starting to get some traction in the states — and in all places, here in Minneapolis.

Local software developer/musician Mike Hodnick (Kindohm) recently won the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award due to his passion for bringing this genre to the United States and just returned from the International Live Coding Conference in Europe.

Mike has been gigging at Bedlam Lowertown, Eagles Club #34 and is starting to get some traction spreading awareness in the Twin Cities.

“We typically think of software programming as solving a problem,” said Hodnick in his presentation to the staff at space150 this week. “So let’s challenge that notion and treat programming as an experience; something we do with other people and should share. Instead of writing software we’ve been told to write, let’s code for ourselves. We make changes in real time, as we like. In live coding there’s a notion of code being disposable. The file will be thrown away or just be an empty file when we’re done. Live coded music is meant to be coded, enjoyed and disposed.”

With that said, we live-streamed Mike’s performance, so we’re thrilled to share the screencast!

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