Summer Games Done Quick: Masters for Charity

The yearly Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) competition and charity event is going on right now in St Paul MN. This event raises money for Doctors Without Borders – last year this same event raised over $700,000. This is twice-yearly event, and the January Awesome Games Done Quick event earlier this year raised over $1.5mm for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Games Done Quick is the parent organization of this event. Competitive gaming and eSports are on the rise. Within this category, SGDQ is a unique event thatRead more

If fishing is a sport, surely drone racing can be

Competitive drone racing. It’s a thing. And you may just watch it on TV some day. As I write this at 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday, more than 108,000 people are watching other people play the video game League of Legends. And nearly 90,000 people are watching other gamers play Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (circa 1994). These are sports where athletes use joysticks and controllers matched with lightning-quick reflexes and brains steeped in puzzles to dominate the competition. So inRead more

Forward-looking brands are experimenting in Snapchat today

We’ve had a lot of internal conversations about Snapchat lately, especially as we start building out programs for clients. But Snapchat isn’t proven. It’s new and is the definition of an emerging channel. Why should a brand start peeling off resources for test-and-learn programs in Snapchat today? Snapchat is the 2015 version of “Join the Conversation” and “Be Present Where Your Audience is Engaging” — the same reasons brands started experimenting in social media six to seven years ago withRead more

Deep Learning: Photos to Video

Collectively, we, take a lot of photos. Managing and manipulating these photos takes a lot of work, and most people don’t do it. At this year’s Google I/O conference, Google launched their new photo service, dubbed the “Gmail of photos“, alluding to the fact that this will “fix” photos much like Gmail helped improve our ability to deal with and manage email. Using simple, natural search, you can find that photos you’re looking for and they’ll automatically organize them forRead more

Unreal Graphics

The latest round of consoles (XBOX One + PS4) have allowed developers to push graphics forward. On the PC side of things, the next generation of engines and graphical capabilities are being pushed even further. This week a developer released some footage from a realistic beach environment built in the Unreal Engine, and it’s amazing: Despite the fact that there is no shooting, exploring, or any other game elements, this is important: producing these types of graphics used to beRead more