The Google and Twitter Partnership: It Begins

twitter google partnership
Early last week Google started to roll out tweets at the top of search results on mobile.

As of right now, the partnership is in its infancy as we’ve only seen things like major news stories and awards shows populate in our search results. Although we have only seen a preview of this new partnership this could be the beginning of a game changing alliance between these two tech giants.

So what does it mean?

There are still a lot of questions regarding what exactly this means for brands, as both Google and Twitter are keeping the details of this deal, and how it will affect search results, fairly quiet. Is Google only going to populate tweets surrounding real-time events or news stories? Will long tail search results start to populate as Google indexes more tweets? Will Google prioritize personal account tweets or brand tweets? These are all questions we should get answers to in the coming weeks and months. One thing we do know is that this reinforces the growing importance of social media for SEO purposes.

How will this affect personalization?

It’s no secret that data is everything at Google. So we have to assume that they’re collecting anything and everything they can from Twitter. Does this mean they will start personalizing search results based on your Twitter activity and preferences? If I follow a certain brand or favorite an account’s tweet, will that brand be more likely to populate higher in my search results? We have to think yes, as this already happens based on the brands you engage with on Google+. Google really does want to serve you the most relevant results possible so we should definitely expect this to be rolled out in the future.

What’s our Space take on it?

From a marketing standpoint, our initial thoughts are that this partnership reiterates the need for a fully integrated marketing strategy, along with highlighting the importance of using Twitter as a customer service and engagement platform. This should also open up brand tweets to an even wider audience than the 236 million monthly active users that are currently on Twitter. Since these results populate at the top of the page and will be the first thing consumers see when searching, brands will have to make sure their tone and strategy on Twitter aligns with their overall strategies and brand guidelines.

This will also be crucial when responding to customer complaints and questions on the platform. If Google starts populating the last few tweets mentioning your company at the top of the page, one of the worst things that could happen that search result t populates a negative complaint or comment.

Bottom line?

As long as brands have a sound Twitter strategy that is integrated with their overall brand strategy and tone, combined with being able to keep up with customer complaints, this is a win-win for brands, marketers and consumers alike. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.

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