Mobile Enhanced, Enabled, and First

The Next Big Thing We used to talk excitedly about mobile being the next big thing. Clearly, we’ve arrived, and the smartphone is the center of our computing world. Mobile Enhanced The first wave of mobile apps and tools were largely mobile versions of things we already had on the desktop web. E-commerce became m-commerce, and sites like eBay benefited from people being able to post and sell 24/7, regardless of location. Maps and directions were an amazing use of mobileRead more

Game of Thrones: Record Breaking Demand + Piracy

Games of Thrones Season 5 has wrapped and the numbers are in. It was a record-breaker in many ways. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any spoilers: the entire internet has done that already. GoT has become HBO’s most popular show ever, last year surpassing the Sopranos. It’s clear that demand for this show is high, with 8.1 million people tuning in on June 14 for the finale. In addition to the legal HBO subscribers, the show was illegally downloaded over 1.5 millionRead more

Hacking your drive time data with aftermarket hardware

Part of our role at spaceLab is to explore new and emerging technologies, understand how they will impact consumer behavior, and put them into context for our clients. In November 2013 I installed Automatic on my car, which is a small white square that plugs into your car’s data port (you know, where your mechanic plugs in the check engine light machine that somehow costs $100 just for turning it on). Automatic has helped liberate the data that I generateRead more

Oculus Rift E3 2015 Reveal

The consumer version of the Oculus Rift has been announced, leading the coming wave of E3 2015 announcements, reveals, and press conferences. I’m very bulling on the future potential of VR, so I was excited to see how Oculus would finally reveal the final consumer product. The start of the conference was disappointing: rather than describing the potential of this device and the amazing experiences that can be created with VR, Brand Iribe, their CEO, basically just showed the physical product andRead more

Our Apple Watch Project + Make

We like the new things. When the Apple Watch was announced, we wanted to explore how to connect it with the physical world around us. We hacked our security system and used the Watch to open our doors. We liked what we did, and when we reached out to Make, they did too – we’ll be featured online soon. We’re huge fans, and couldn’t be more excited to have this awesome connection with like-minded Makers. You can check out our thoughtsRead more

space150 v37 Front Door

We recently launched version 37 (“Masters of Morph“), and used TouchDesigner (and a few other tools) to bring the version to life on our front door. TouchDesigner is an amazing realtime video development platform that can take just about anything and turn it into anything else. Perfect for Masters of Morph. We used this type of creative technology to power things like our groundbreaking Forever 21 Times Square Billboard.Read more

Crossy Man

Pac-Man turns 35 this year, and Pac Man 256 will be out this summer to celebrate. Bandai Namco partnered with the creators of the successful and (insanely profitable) Crossy Road to create what looks like a great spin on the classic, and a nod to the experts that conquered the original game. Out this summer for mobile devices – showing how central a part mobile plays in the modern game industry. Trailer below: Gaming can be an strategy to engage fans andRead more

Estimote Stickers

Just received our pre-order Estimote Stickers. Big improvements from the originals: they’re much smaller, now have temperature and motion sensors, and are more robust from a security perspective. We’ll be playing with them more soon, and we’ll share what we’ve done. We’re big fans of beacons and proximity and location-aware services – you can see our previous work and thoughts on this on our blog.Read more